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Ed-Fi dashboards empower educators with real-time, actionable information on every student in their classroom, school or district. To accomplish this, Ed-Fi requires the integration and organization of raw education data and information from multiple data sources so it can be sifted, analyzed and put to use. To facilitate education enterprises in achieving a successful implementation of the Ed-Fi dashboards, ProActive School offers a broad range of both Application and Professional Services.

  • SIF® Data Integration

    Application and professional services for integration of SIF® enabled data sources.

  • Data Source Management

    SIF® certified application for management of data sources including processes for: certification, notification, analysis, reporting, correction, and data capture (Ed-Fi XML, SIF®, Web Services, and File Uploads).

  • Data Quality Management

    SIF® certified application for management of data quality including: integrated data standards, business rules, data validation, reports, analytics, metrics, and notifications.

  • CEDS Operational Data Store

    SIF® certified application provides CEDS operational data store (ODS) for Ed-Fi dashboard access (onsite or hosted).

  • Dashboard Customizations

    Professional services for dashboard design, implementation, development, quality assurance and deployment.

  • Data Management Operations

    Professional services for the monitoring, operations and management of production Ed-Fi environments.

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