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Learn More about how ProActive School's Applications can help you to enable your learning institution to easily access all data realted to your students in one place on one system.



Services and Solutions for:

    PowerSchool® Users

  • SRS for POWERSCHOOL® - State Reporting Services (SRS ) for PowerSchool® combines proprietary monitoring, analytical and reporting tools with expert consulting to provide timely, complete, and accurate State Reporting.
  • dpC for POWERSCHOOL® - Data Publishing Compliance (dpC ) for PowerSchool® provides processes and tools for School Districts to manage PowerSchool® data publishing compliance.
  • Ed-Fi Users

  • ED-FI SERVICES - Ed-Fi Services include solutions for SIF® Data Intregration, Data Source Mangement, Data Quality Management, CEDS Operational Data Store, Dashbaoard Customization and Data Management Operations.
  • Education Enterprises

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - Professional Services helps supplement staff requirements to implement compliance programs and manage data quality in Education Enterprises


SRS for PowerSchool®

dpC for PowerSchool®

Data Management Services

Ed-Fi Services

Hosting Service Levels


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